Security & Trust

We have been building Atlassian and apps for more than 10 years. Over 2,000 companies have trusted Appvibe to increase their productivity and improve their workflows.
At Appvibe, we’re committed to ensuring the security and trustworthiness of our marketplace apps on both the Atlassian and platforms.



  • We undergo regular security assessments and audits conducted by third-party experts to ensure compliance with industry best practices.
  • Continuous security monitoring by Atlassian, and Bugbounty.
  • Peer code reviews required
  • Development security training
  • Company-wide security awareness training
  • Multi-factor authentication required for core systems
  • We host all Jira Cloud applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Data in transit is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2)
  • Participation in Bugcrowd Bug Bounty program
  • We have met the Atlassian and security programs requirements, including:
    • Cloud security participation
    • Reliability checks
    • 24hr support response time


  • Over 2,000 companies use Appvibe products
  • Built on Amazon Web Services
  • Historical 99.999% uptime
  • Appvibe Support Portal
  • Regular updates (approximately weekly) in the Atlassian and Marketplaces for licensed customers
  • We adhere to Atlassian Marketplace Partner and Partner support requirements
  • Support SLA
  • Support channels: Support portal, email, phone
  • Dedicated testing team
  • Official Atlassian Partner and Partner

Data Management

  • Your data is encrypted and protected against unauthorized access.
  • We regularly audit our apps for security vulnerabilities and follow strict data handling practices.
  • We have the capability to recover data for a specific customer in the case of a failure or data loss
  • Data deleted by application Admins and Users is deleted immediately
  • Retention of backups: 7 days
  • Production data never hosted outside of production AWS account
  • Each customer's data is kept logically segregated from other tenants when at-rest
  • Any requests that are processed by Jira have a "tenant-specific" view so other tenants are not impacted

Compliance and Privacy

  • Adhere to SOC 2 security standards
  • Comply with Atlassian Partner and Partner requirements
  • Privacy Policy
  • Commitment to GDPR
  • We maintain transparent privacy policies and partner with trustworthy service providers.
  • Only officers of Appvibe and senior members of the Appvibe Operations Team have access to production systems
  • AIQ-Lite report shared with Atlassian and Marketplace Security teams.

Continuous Improvement

  • We're constantly working to improve our apps based on your feedback.
  • Your input helps us deliver better, more secure solutions for your business needs.
  • At Appvibe, security and trust are our top priorities. We're dedicated to keeping your data safe and providing reliable, high-quality apps for your business.

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